I was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada at the age of five. I live and work in Toronto and received an Honours BFA in Visual Arts & Sociology from York University. During my studies/studio work in painting and sculpture, I also took courses in and was influenced by other artistic disciplines such as theatre, film, and creative writing.

My background, blending both creative and community interests, includes various community arts and public education projects engaging groups of diverse people and often from marginalized communities. I’ve worked as a facilitator for art making, been an organizer for shows/events for groups, and have coordinated programming.

Recently, I returned to my personal art practice after a number of years; I look forward to continued art making, showing more of my work, and seeing where it all takes me.

Aside from creating as an artist, I also spend a significant amount of time managing projects or programs fostering learning and development as well as community development, capacity building, inclusion, belonging, and well-being. I continue to learn, unlearn and relearn for creating and sustaining equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. I’m strengthening my understanding of justice for today’s (and the future) world and of the criticality of Indigenous Knowledges & resurgence–finding my way to contribute creatively and as an organizer/facilitator. I am currently completing a Master of Education (MEd) degree.

I have always enjoyed a hybrid of things in life and art!


Influences on my work include nature, ecology and systems, social sciences, as well as ancient cultures. Signs and symbols interest me as well as structures/morphology in biology and nature. I am drawn to looking at the past yet also derive ideas from images or aesthetics that come from contemporary urban culture.

My work often explores forms, patterns, repetition and arrangement, growth and the senses. I am interested in analogy; in bringing together and sampling; and in the interplay of different elements such as inner/outer, near/far, micro/macro, old/contemporary, abstract/representational, or bright/muted.  Within the pieces, there may be different levels or panes for viewer examination or experience.  As I tend to see the interconnectedness of things, my art practice helps me to explore the woven “web” and various phenomena around me—even considering interests that are seemingly contradictory.

Ideas and direction for my pieces often develop or evolve from my exploration of materials, colour, visual appeal and composition; then the contextual overtones emerge. On the other hand, some of my photo-based works come from a much more spontaneous and random process of framing and capturing images or interesting scenes that I come across.


  • 2017  New White Door: Come In From The Cold, Gallery 50, Toronto (Group Show)
  • 2016  50.2016 (25 artists, 50 works), Gallery 50, Toronto (Group Show)
  • 2015   Art Brownie (Magic), Gallery 50 – INDEXG, Toronto (Group Show)
  • 2007   Work Herstory: Recognizing Life and Work with Women on the Margins, Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre, Toronto
    (Facilitated and curated this art project as part of Mayworks Festival)
  • 2002   Festival of KYTES, Multidisciplinary Arts Festival, Toronto
    (artwork for auction)
  • 2001   A Home for Creative Opportunity—Collective Show, Community Café, Toronto (Group Show)
  • 1993   ex tempore, Morrow Gallery, Toronto (Group Show)
  • 1992   Experiments in Cross Cultural Collaboration, I.D.A. Gallery, Toronto (Group Show)
  • 1992   Analogous, Arthur Haberman Gallery, Toronto (Solo Show)
  • 1992   Drawing Connections, Arthur Haberman Gallery, Toronto (Solo Show)